Creative Techniques

1.UMI technique

UMI reduces noise disturbance in sequencing to hit higher sensitivity and specificity. To effectively test low-frequency mutation, it pioneers in preceding NGS testing in early cancer screening (for IB-IIA stage patients for example, Burning Rock’s UMI technique can raise positive rate in the blood test from <50% to >70%).

2.Techniques for MSI determination by NGS

Legend: TMB is presented in Burning Rock Dx’s OncoScreen plus®report and MSI is presented in Burning Rock Dx’s OncoScreen plus®report and ColonCore®report.
A package of techniques for MSI determination by NGS is independently developed. Helping patients test all types of variation, such techniques cover all target therapies and immunotherapies.

3.HS library preparation technique

· The technique's efficient linking system and high-efficiency and high-fidelity amplification system assures high transfer efficiency

· Tailored for FFPE samples and ctDNA in particular, this technique is less demanding on sample quality and quantity

4.Indexing-specific paired-end technique

Addressing the indexing contamination problem that prevails in many links outright, the technique enhances data fractionation accuracy in high-sensitivity blood ultra-deep sequencing.

5.Automatic library preparation technique

Burning Rock is the first to put into practice automatic library preparation in cancer-targeted NGS area, leading to less manual operation error and higher library preparation efficiency.

6.Technical validation

Burning Rock's creative techniques have been validated by ddPCR.



  • The new-generation pathology

    NGS techniques enable molecular pathologists to analyze all kinds of sample variation through an economical and effective platform. However, it is challenging to introduce such techniques or methods to your lab. To meet the challenge, Burning Rock Dx provides a well-equipped NGS system -- MAGNIS BR NGS Prep System comprising an instrument, reagents, tools, software, technical support and expertise (hereinafter referred to as the system) to effectively outfit your lab.
  • Reproducible results

    The system is a full-auto system, which enhances standardization of molecular lab routine, avoids operating errors of lab staff, and provides instructive NGS data in a stable, traceable and reproducible way. In combination with Agilent TapeStation System, the system is available for sample quality control throughout the entire working process. In addition, the system is intended for preparing an NGS library before sequencing through seamless collaboration with the leading targeting sequence capture system SureSelect.
  • Full-auto

    The system provides a full-auto solution. It can run by only a few staff and expertise. The system-mounted guide can complete analytics and settings in five minutes. Besides, the system can automatically check the bar code and notify users of the position and state of each reagent. After pressing the “start” button, users can monitor the progress of analytics through the guide and LED state indicator instead of keeping in front of the instrument.
  • Well-equipped NGS prep system

    The system comprises an instrument, reagents and a running program. To be specific, the desktop instrument is available for self-check and -adjustment; reagents are separately packaged beforehand; and the preset program is for contents and custom analytics.