Research and development of cancer drug has embarked on a precision era. In this era, the progress in molecular oncology and genomics indicates a new challenge and opportunity in research and development of targeted anti-cancer drugs. However, in view of the challenge, long time and high spending in case enrollment and ethics, many R&D pharmaceutical firms remain searching for strategies to extract the most information from the fewest cases to inspire drug research & development and facilitate drug approval. Burning Rock Dx boasts a genetic testing database of 7W+ Chinese cancer patient cases (up to October 2018). Intended for partnering pharmaceutical firms, the “precision research” program therein takes aim at speeding up clinical tests by optimizing test design and helping recruit patients with variation of specific genes as specified in the clinical test requirements.
1、Consultation for clinical tests
Based on an experienced scientific team, genome database of 7W+ Chinese cancer patient cases, and experience with over 20 bio-pharmaceutical firms, we provide a professional consulting service on clinical tests for targeted anti-cancer drug research and development;
2、Design of clinical tests
We define the best biomarker criterion, determine demographics and nominate hospitals with a high detection rate as research centers based on gene data of 7W+ real Chinese cancer patient samples;
3、Genetic detection for clinical tests
We have comprehensive cancer-targeted NGS testing product lines (more than 20 products for different cancers and medical problems) in China. Subject to clinical test design particulars, we provide a service of genetic testing on a subject’s sample;
4、Patient recruitment for clinical tests
On the ground of the genetic testing database of clinical testing patient cases, we match cancer patients with a specific genotype to the corresponding clinical drug test;

Solutions to Clinical Tests

Based on Burning Rock Dx’s genetic testing database and relevant clinical testing experience, we can help optimize your clinical tests.

  • Scientific proposals

    specialists in clinical research and genetics

  • Genetic testing results

    Genetic testing data of 7W+ cancer patients of 400+ hospitals nationwide

  • Cooperations

    Cooperation with dozens of pharmaceutical makers and institutions in clinical drug research and scientific projects

Patient recruitment service

  • Patient recruitment service
    Current clinical tests on cancer-targeted drugs or immunotherapies differ from traditional clinical small-molecular drug tests regarding the design and patient enrollment strategy. Patients apply to the former are rigorously defined and sparsely distributed in hospitals nationwide rather than concentrated in the research centers for clinical testing, e.g., clinical research on some rare or infrequent specific gene mutations in enrollment; Burning Rock Dx can refer patients to such clinical tests in a precision way.
  • Patient referral to precision research
    Our “precision research” patient recruitment program can spot patients with rare or specific biomarkers and match them to clinical studies initiated by pharmaceutical makers.
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