RNA Sequencing

Our RNA sequencing assay allows researchers and physicians to develop a more comprehensive view of a patient’s genetic landscape by identifying gene fusions, post-transcriptional gene expressions as well as measuring mutations over time. RNA seq has many applications, particularly inefficiently detecting fusions, monitoring CAR-T therapy, and accompanying epigenetic assays.

RNA-Seq offers excellent sensitivity and specificity and read depth efficiency. Additionally, it offers full coverage of the NCCN guidelines, even including some biomarkers that the archer and TSO 500 panels have yet to cover. The assay’s high sensitivity and read depth efficiency optimize it for use with liquid biopsy. At present, the applicable scenario of targeted RNA sequencing products is solid tumors, which can be used for typing and fusion testing of some sarcoma, but not applicable to blood testing; CAR-T related testing is currently not applicable to the testing scenario of this product.

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