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Burning Rock Dx utilizes Illumina’s next-generation sequencing technology. Our workflow is adapted to include both the NextSeq 2000 and the NovaSeq v1.5 platforms. The library construction and target enrichment steps feature our proprietary chemistry and we have the unique capability of performing both hybridization-based and amplification-based protocols. Our gene panels have been validated through the independent assessment to have industry-leading performance.

We were chosen as a vendor to participate in the FDA-led SEQC2 to assess the performance of oncology panels. The panels were tested using a synthetic blend of gDNA from cancer cell lines (Agilent UHRR) diluted with gDNA from normal cell lines to mimic the low frequency of tumor DNA in real clinical samples. The results were then compared against the established “truth set” of known positives and known negatives to measure assay performance.

Among the 8 vendors that participated in the study including Agilent, IDT, Illumina, Qiagen, Roche, Thermo, BR, Genentech; we are proud to consistently place among the leading performers at all dilution ratios. Our assay showed consistent sensitivity over 94%. We ranked #2 in sensitivity and limit of detection. In addition to good sensitivity, we ranked highly on specificity as well.

Apart from our DNA panels, Burning Rock Dx has also been heavily involved in the development of RNA NGS assays which have additional utility in the genetic testing process. RNAseq assays can quantify the amount of neoantigen being expressed as well as to detect fusion gene events with higher levels of sensitivity and specificity.

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