Burning Rock Dx Honored with 2018 Guangzhou Hi-tech “Unicorn” and “High-grade, Precision and Advanced” Startup

Var Date:2019-08-25

2018 Awarding Ceremony and 2019 Initiation Ceremony for Discovering Hi-tech Unicorns in Guangzhou and the Third General Assembly of the Seventh Board of Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises’ Association (GSTIEA) was successfully hosted in Guangzhou on the afternoon of June 14, 2019. Burning Rock Biotech (GuangZhou) Co., limited (hereinafter referred to as Burning Rock)  and other firms were rated as 2018 hi-tech unicorns in Guangzhou. Besides, Burning Rock was also included into the top ten Guangzhou “high-grade, precision and advanced” startup rankings. On behalf of Burning Rock, Ms. Zhou Dan, Vice President of Business Unit of Early Cancer Screening, received the awards.

* Hi-tech unicorn: founded less than a decade ago, such firms have accessed private investment but not yet gone public, which are highly creative and fast-growing with great potential for future development (market value: ≥USD 1 billion)

* “High-grade, precision and advanced” startup: such firms have state-of-the-art techniques or products in China or around the world and take a leading position in the industry with some industrial influence

Ms. Zhou Dan (the 5th Figure from the Left) Awarded on Behalf of Burning Rock

The hi-tech firm program titled “Discovering Guangzhou's Unicorns” has been implemented for three consecutive years. Aimed at exploring Guangzhou's creative and fast-growing hi-tech unicorns with great development potential in such emerging industries as information technology, IoT, AI, new energy, biopharmaceutical, and big data, the program makes such hi-tech unicorns play a leading part in industrial innovation as future innovation leaders, have access to innovation resources and thoroughly blend into the world’s innovation and entrepreneurship wave while offering helpful reference for government sectors in formulating favorable policies for outstanding firms by category.

Based on the two prior rankings, the program has been put in the limelight and favored by the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and hundreds of high-growth enterprises in Guangzhou, among which, Burning Rock stands out.

“We’d like to express my gratitude to Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Enterprises’ Association (GSTIEA) among other units for their full approval of Burning Rock. We founded our team over 5 years ago. Besides, we appreciate Guangzhou's institutional innovation and inclusiveness to us when we started up and worked on technology and product exploration; as we gradually develop and vary our product lines, we appreciate the platform and corresponding support given in Guangzhou.” Ms. Zhou Dan said, “As a hi-tech unicorn in Guangzhou, Burning Rock will work hard with glory to play a crucial role in the city’s innovation and development and devote to leading in innovation and developing accurate and reliable NGS testing products for the clinical benefit of cancer patients.”